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My 12 week one-on-one Fit and Fabulous at Over 40!  Program is for women who long to be confident in their own skin, take control of their lives and want to feel energetic and sexy again.

No crazy bootcamps or fad diets in sight!!

"Bev is a perky pocket-rocket of positivity, energy and enthusiasm for women living fit, healthy and fulfilled lives. She is a great communicator and right from the word go she has shown only support and commitment in helping me to regain my flexible, fit, healthy and happy self."  

Trish, Wellington

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Welcome! I’m Bev Short and I’d love to help you get the most out of being you!  I’m a Qualified Personal Trainer and Certified Food and Nutrition Coach based in Wellington, New Zealand.  I specialise in working with women over the age of 40 who’ve put on weight, can’t understand why and are unable to lose it; suffer from hot flashes and other debilitating menopausal symptoms; lack energy and are constantly tired; and who feel invisible, dowdy and are just fed up with themselves. Does any of this sound like you? 

Everyone has different health requirements, fitness levels and a unique lifestyle which is why, particularly at this time in our lives, we need specialist help - and that's where I come in.  Not only am I at the same stage in my life and understand what’s necessary for you to stay sane during this time, I am qualified to teach you how to help balance your hormones to achieve not only sustainable weight loss, but to reduce menopausal symptoms, rejuvenate your energy levels and help you take control of your life so you can feel really good again.  I also was you!  Check out my story here.

My 12 week one-on-one Program uses natural, holistic methods to bring you back to ‘your old self’.  It is designed for you to learn how to eat to be healthy, balance your hormones, lose stubborn fat, exercise ‘intelligently’ to prevent hormonal imbalances that can create fat storage; learn how sleep patterns and stress can cause weight gain and have help with turning it all around.   The Program is aimed at improving your quality of life to create a healthier, more confident and happier you. 

You know you deserve more so join the other women who have already graduated from my Program and make now the best time of your life!  It’s Time For You! So book a free consultation right now!  

"Bev's coaching has truly changed my life.  During my time with Bev I have regained my energy and lost weight!  Bev showed me how to change my eating habits and to fit exercise into my life.  I have tried many diets before seeing Bev which had only temporary results.  Bev's program has set me on the path to healthy eating, a consistent weight and a happier life!"

Ellie, Wellington

Don't live in Wellington, New Zealand?  Not a problem! I have clients who I coach online via Skype. Technology is a wonderful thing!  :)

Spot the difference!

This is me.  I've changed and you can, too!  I can teach you how to eat for health and weight loss, exercise for energy and fitness and how to take control of your life through sustainable changes.


"For those of you that have tried many ‘diets’ before - give Bev and her programme a try. I stuck to it and it really paid off!"

Corinne, Abel Tasman

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